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This is an extremely excellent cancer institute. I am delighted to visit this hospital. My regards and greetings to Shri M.M.Joshi, Manager, Doctors and staff for they are doing God's work in removing pain of the people

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Professor of Societal & Technology Transformation,
Anna University, Chennai
(Former Hon'ble President of
20th April, 2002

The availability of latest and most sophisticated equipments in Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital & Research Center, Bhopal for proper diagnosis and treatment of cancer is a great achievement. The expertise and spirit of dedicated service of the doctors and others in this institute is most praiseworthy. At a time when the nation is faced with the problem of brain drain it is heartening to see that highly talented and experienced specialists are working in this hospital with full devotion.

Hon'ble Dr. Bhai Mahavir
Governor, Madhya Pradesh
- 31st May, 2002

The establishment of Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital on a grand scale has fulfilled much-needed aspirations of the people in this entire area. It is a pleasant surprise that the hospital has attained international fame in short span of time. The state government's policy that people of the state should not go outside the state for treatment of serious diseases has truely been translated into action with the full-fledged functioning of this institute. Every institute owes its existence, progress and success to one person, his commitment, his capacity, his foresightedness, his vision and his ability to inspire faith among the people. It is because of these qualities of eminent journalist Shri Madan Mohan Joshi that such a big and well-equipped cancer hospital could be set up in Bhopal. His dedication and dynamism will result in greater success in coming years.

Hon'ble Digvijay Singh
Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh
- 13th January, 2002

The power of love and service is symbolized in this Hospital. Cancer is a dreaded disease but human ingenuity, courage and relentless effort is capable of over-coming it.  We all pray that this hospital continues its work with great distinction.

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                                                                                     -Hon’ble Arjun Singh

                                                                                Former Chief Minister M.P. & Former Human  Resource Development Minister, Govt. of India, New Delhi


Whatever I have seen here is beyond my imagination. After visiting this hospital I am convinced that cancer is no longer incurable. It could be controlled, curbed and defeated. Patients agony and suffering could also be minimized. This is a unique hospital in more than one sense. Firstly its medical environment creates instant faith. Secondly those who are running this hospital and are treating patients are totally committed. They have the necessary vigour and vision. I have noticed here more beauty of life than the shadows of death. I have never seen such a clean and well-organized hospital in my life. I will always be willing to help this institute.

Hon'ble Sadhvi Uma Bharti
Minister, Government of India
- 1st November, 1999

The people of Madhya Pradesh can say with pride that they have best of cancer treatment facilities at their door steps. There is absolutely no need for cancer patients to go outside the state for the treatment of this dreaded disease.

Hon'ble Mohd. Shafi Qureshi
Governor of Madhya Pradesh
(Presently Vice-Chairman, Governing Body Bhopal Memorial Hospital Trust)
- 25th September, 1997

Equipping this hospital with modern medical equipments in a town like Bhopal was undoubtedly a tough task. I am happy that this has been accomplished smoothly. Indeed an excellent effort.

Hon'ble Justice A.M. Ahmadi
Former Chief Justice, Supreme Court
(Presently Chairman, Bhopal Memorial Hospital Trust)
- 21st May, 2000

This hospital is so good that I feel sometimes that I should shift to Bhopal and serve this hospital.

Dr. Prafull Desai
Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
- 13th January, 1996

Nearly 10 years ago when I had visited this site ,it was a big hole with deserted look. Now I find a beautiful and very well equipped and organized hospital with an impressive infrastructure. I am particularly happy to visit this hospital because I have been involved with it at its formulation and initial stage.

Dr. Devendra Patel
Director Gujarat Cancer Hospital & Research Center, Ahmedabad
- 18th February, 2001

I am extremely impressed and pleased to find all-round impressive development of facilities in this unique institute. This is my fourth visit to this institute. Its expansion and development is remarkable. The facilities in this hospital are comparable with even Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai where I had served for a pretty long period. The credit for its splendid success goes to Shri Madan Mohan Joshi, Founder Chairman and Dr. B. Sanyal, Director of the Institute.

Dr. Indraneel Mitra
Director General
Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Center, Bhopal
- 6th September, 2002

This hospital is a landmark achievement in the medical field in Madhya Pradesh. It has all the potentiality to develop into a rare center of excellence and dedicated service to humanity. I would like to suggest that this hospital and Bhopal Memorial Trust Hospital should establish close cooperation between them with a view to providing best of services to people of Madhya Pradesh. I would do everything possible to extend maximum assistance for development of research department of the hospital. I am also greatly impressed by the intelligent and imaginative utilization of available resources. The planning as well as the execution both are excellent. I have no hesitation to say that this is one of the best medical institutes I have ever visited.

Dr. N.K. Ganguly
Director General
Indian Council Of Medical Research, New Delhi
- 6th September, 2002

After visiting this full-fledged excellent hospital I am of the firm opinion that it is competent enough to provide excellent treatment. There was a time when Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai used to be only center for cancer treatment in the country. But in recent years quite a few other cancer hospitals have emerged with almost equal expertise. Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital , Bhopal is quite prominent among such hospitals.

Dr. K.K. Pandey
Medical Director and Head,
Onco-surgery Department
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center, New Delhi
- 7th September, 2002

I came to this hospital for the treatment of my wife. She was provided best of treatment and care which may not be possible elsewhere. I have no words to express my gratitude to the Doctors and the staff of the institute. Frankly speaking I had no idea that Bhopal is having such a marvelous cancer hospital before I got an opportunity to visit this institute.

Justice G.G. Sohani
Chairman, M.P. Human Rights Commission
Ex- Chief Justice
Patna High Court
- 9th January, 1998

Very well managed and administered hospital. Cleanliness is superb, the care towards the patients amicable and equipments are great assistance to the team of dedicated doctors.

Justice Faizanuddin

Lokayukta, Madhya Pradesh
(Former Judge of the Supreme Court)
- 27th November, 1997

The hospital is well equipped not only in the latest requisite equipments but more than that in the well qualified personnel who really matter. I take this opportunity to congratulate the doctors, the nurses and other staff for their dedicated work. I have no doubt that this hospital will soon come up in the international standard and will prove itself as one of the renowned centers for the treatment of cancer of all kind.

Justice P.B. Sawant
Chairman, Press Council of India
(Ex Judge, Supreme Court of India)
- 4th February, 1997

I am indeed happy and proud to see such a great facility developed in Bhopal. Clean, amiable and sensitive ethos with a team of dedicated doctors and others. well worth the great efforts put in by my old friend Shri Madan Mohan Joshi.

Shri Ashok vajpayee
Vice Chancellor
Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University
(Reputed Poet and Writer)
- 5th June, 1999

I thank very much for the hospitality in Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Centre. I am impressed about the facilities and the arrangements in this institution at a lot of private initiative. I wish good luck and success for all the patients.

Prof. Dr. Christian Streffer
Prof. for Med. Radiobiology University
Essen, Germany.
- 13th March, 2002

I am quite overwhelmed by the noble services being rendered to those afflicted with cancer with love and compassion. The zeal and enthusiasm expressed by the doctors and staff in ensuring quality health care to the needy and rural people is praiseworthy. The research in clinical fields is taking off with the right approach. DRDO will be happy to associate with this center in this endeavour. I congratulate the Chairman, Director, Research Director, Doctors and staff for the exemplary job being done here. I am confident that this hospital will soon emerge as a center of excellence in cancer therapy and research.

Dr. W. Selvamurthy
Advisor (Biomedical Sciences)
DRDO, New Delhi
- 29th July, 2002

It is a beautiful set up. Well throughout and implemented, Maintenance very good: neat and clean. I am very impressed. Everybody appears totally dedicated.

Smt. Vinod Kochupalli
Chief, IRCH, AIIMS, New Delhi - 28th May, 2002

The Ambrence of this hospital excellent. The ambrence goes beyond building and facilities. It is remarkable that the hospital has gone into high speed in such a short time.

Dr. R. Chidambram
Chairman, Atomic Energy commission. Mumbai
- 7th February, 1999

I am very happy to comeback to the hospital and cancer center after 3 years and see the progress in increased in facilities, improvement in health care and addition of doctors and research people. This is a unique cancer care center in M.P. and my best wishes for its continued progress.

Dr. R. Chidambram
Chief Scientific Advisor, Govt. of India
- 25th May, 2002

Indeed a good and impressive full fledged comprehensive cancer center.

Dr. Suresh Advani
Head of Medical Oncology
Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
- 14th October, 1995

It was a great pleasure and privilege to see the good work being done here. I am delighted that palliative care is an integral part of the hospital programme.

Mr. Robert Twycross
Oxford University,U.K.
-2nd February, 1999

Well equipped, neat and clean and dedicated to the cause of treating and serving cancer patients of this region.

                  -  Dr. G.K. Rath, Head, Radiotherapy Department,

AIIMS, New Delhi


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                                                                                              Shri K.S.Sharma

Former Chief Secretary

Govt. of M.P.,Bhopal


A Mecca for cancer diagnosis, treatment and research worldwide.                                                                     

Smt. Ranjana Choudhary,

Secretary, M.P. Human Rights Commission, Bhopal


   vLirky dh LoPNrk vf}rh; gS A eSa ;gka Q'kZ ij iM+s Hkkstu dks [kk ldrk gwa A


- Shri. M.N.Buch

 Former IAS /Environmentalist, Bhopal


I had the opportunity to spend time in reviewing all the infrastructure, facilities, staffing training, working and patient load. I was also able to interact with several patients to evaluate their satisfaction with the treatment imparted to them.  I interacted with the research scientists  as well as the staff looking after the tobacco cessation clinic. I was impressed with the dedication of the staff, the comprehensive and compassionate manner of providing quality as well as the satisfaction of the patients.                                                   

- Dr. Purvish M. Parikh,

Prof. & Head, Deptt. of Medical Oncology,

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai


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                                                                       -Hon’ble Babulal Goar

Former Chief Minister Govt. of M.P.,Bhopal


Shri Madan Mohan Joshi deserves our gratitudes. Almost single handedly, he has been able to create a facility within the state which no Govt. institution possesses so far.

-Mr. Iqbal Ahmed,

Principal Secretary, Public Health & Family Welfare,

Govt. of M.P., Bhopal


You can feel proud of your accomplishments. This institute has developed at a surprisingly rapid speed and is fulfilling the requirements of huge populace.                                                       

  -Dr. K.A. Dinshaw,


Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai


Very impressed.  Time to go global and attain the status of the best institution in the world.

- Dr. Anand  N. Asthana,

Principal Secretary,

 Medical Education Deptt. Govt. of M.P., Bhopal



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                                                      - Hon’ble Sunderlal Patwa

Former Chief Minister , M.P

and Senior BJP Leader



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   - Justice Narayan Singh Aajad

Acting Chairman

M.P. Human Rights Commission ,Bhopal


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                         & Jh Jh 1008 jfo'kadj egkjkt

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  -Hon’ble Raghavji

Finance Minister, Govt. of M.P.,Bhopal


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  - Shri. Madanmohan Upadhyay

Secretary, Public Health

Govt of M.P. Bhopal


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    -His Excellency Dr Balram Jakhad ,

Governor of M.P.


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  -Hon’ble  Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Chief Minister,M.P.


;g vLirky ftl mRd`"Vrk ds fy;s tkuk tkrk gS mlh :i esa eSaus bls ik;k gS A e-iz- rFkk vklikl ds {ks=ksa ds dSalj ejhtksa dks blds ek/;e ls ,d ,slk mRre dSalj funku dsUnz izkIr gks x;k gS fd mUgsa mipkj ds fy;s ckgj tkus dh vko';drk ugha gS A 'kklu blds mRjksRrj fodkl esa ;ksxnku nsus dh uhfr tkjh j[ksxk A

  -Hon’ble  Ajay Vishnoi

Minister- Medical Education,

Public Health and Family Welfare

Govt. of M.P. ,Bhopal


;gka py jgs dqy izdYi rks vR;Ur ewY;oku gSa A ljdkj ls fdafpr vyx gksdj Hkh izns'k ds dgwa fd ns'k ds ;s xkSjo gSa A 


                                              -Shri. Manoj Shrivastav

Secretary/Commissioner  Public Relation ,Bhopal


An international level institution having all the equipments needed for treatment of cancer. It has excellent diagnostic facilities also.

Shri. K.K. Singh

Commissioner, Bhopal Division



After taking a round of hospital and particularly wards with latest machines, I feel this is a last hope of ailing and no one is required to rush to Bombay or Delhi. 

     - Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari

Chairperson, M.P. Human Rights Commission, Bhopal


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                                   -Hon’ble Sushma Swaraj

MP and Former Health Minister

 Govt.of India ,New Delhi


As Indian citizen I feel proud of this center. It is wonderful institution to serve mankind. The efforts put in by all staff is phenomenal and commendable. Great atmosphere and research work going on.                                                               

-Dr. S.K.Shrivastava

Prof. & Head, Deptt. of Radiation Oncology,

 Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai


Great and wonderfully equipped set up with the quality care. It has a lovely experience visiting the hospital. In some respects it is better equipped than Tata Memorial Hospital.                                                                                          

-Dr. Brijesh Arora

Asstt. Prof. Paediatric Oncology,

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai



This hospital is comparable to the best of International Hospitals in terms of facilities, cleanliness etc. The doctors and the staff are excellent and highly motivated


-Shri. B.Rajgopal Naidu,

Commissioner Bhopal and Hoshangabad Division



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