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iɨJ x U]Eɮ {x E ɮ ={ɪ

iɨJ ʽi H,

Ih ni,

Ih ini *


iɨJ ʴɨH Exp

Vɴɽɱ x Eɮ +{iɱ B +xֺvx Exp,
<nMɽ ʽ,{ɱ


iɨJ H E +

iɨJ (Jx,b,ʺMɮ],{x ɺɱ,M]E +n) x ɺx * <ɺ BE |Eɮ E xɶ (addictions) i * ɽ IhE +xn i ni , {ɮ <E +ni M Vx ɨxi: U]Eɮ {x E`x Vi * ɽ vҮ vҮ xֹ E +{x xMɡĺ VEc i , + xֹ <E Eɮh E< Ҩʮ E ʶEɮ Vi , Vxɨ E< i JiɮxE B Vxɱ i , V Eɮ* +i ɽ xֹ E +Eɱ i E + fE ni *

Pɤɮɪ xɽ * YxE x <ɺ U]Eɮ {x E ={ɪ JV xEɱ * +ɴɶEi <E ɨxv {ڮ VxEɮ |{i Ex B ɨɺ E MɨҮi E ɨZx * <ɨ +{E {ڮ nn EM * =JxҪ E Eix ɹ +{ iɨJ x C x Ei , = Ucx E l ɺl ɦ x Mi il Ҩʮ B +Eɱ i E Jiɮ vҮ vҮ ɽi n iE E Vi * ʴɷ ɺl M`x (WHO) E Vx Vɴɽɱ x Eɮ +{iɱ {ɱ

iɨJ ʴɨH Exp E l{x E M< * ɽ {ɮ ʴɶY SEiE, ɱɽEɮ (xYxE ) B ɨVE EɪEi +{E iɨJ Ubx nn EM *


iɨJ x E ɺl {ɮ E|ɦɴ

  1. Exɮ ƽ,VҦ,Mɱ,{],b, Mn,jɶɪ,SSnx,ix +n *

  2. n M: ] +]E ,=SS HS{,l { MxOx*

  3. c: Jĺ-n,xɨxɪ, n ].. *

  4. |Vxx ij: x{ƺEi,Z{x,Mɦ{i, E Vx E xɴVi ʶɶ *

  5. κiɹE/xɪ: ]E (E), xʺE M,=xn nr *

  6. {ɮI vک{x  vک{x xɽ Ex ɱ iɴɮh E v+ |ɦʴi i *


iɨJ Ubx ɦ ɦ

  1. Vɺ nx +{ iɨJ UcM,ɺl Jn nɴ +x Mi *

  2. iɨJ E Eɮh Jiɮ,Ҩʮ B i E +x Mi *

  3. n-ix ɹ ] +]E E Jiɮ ɽi E Vi *

  4. {S ɹ c E Exɮ 50 |iɶi iE E + Ei * il 10-20 ɹ ɽ ɨx H (Non-Smoker) E ɮɤɮ Ei *

iɨJ U]Eɮ {x E ɴɽʮE ={ɪ

1. +{E vک{x/iɨJ x E +ni {ɮ +{x {ʮɮ B ʨj nɮ H ʴSɮ B ɪ {ɮ Mɽ< ʴSɮ E *

    " =x Eɺ BiɮV - Zɺ +ni ?"

2. vک{x/iɨJ x E +{x ɨɺ E Eɮ

    "C +{E {i E +{ iɨJ x +{x c Mɱ ?"


3. vک{x/iɨJ x E +ni E Ubx E ɮ Pɨb Vɰi Vn +iʴɷɺ x E

" x vک{x ɨɺ , {ɮxi < {ɮ Eɤ { Ei *"

4. +{x ni/{ʮɮ E n B SEie +{x ɨɺ E ɮ ɱɽ ɶʴɮ E *

" < +ni E Ubx Ex nn E Ei ?"

5. < +ni E Ucx E xhǪ *

"Z C Ex Sʽ ?"

6. . ]ɱɨ] E VB +ni {ɮ E Mx E ʱB BE iɮJ xζSi E *

" E nx i Ub nM…….. E ?"

7. vک{x/iɨJ Ucx E {ɽ {S En

1. < i E ʽɤ J E +{ Eix ɮ vک{x/iɨJ x Ei *


2. Vɤ +{ wɩ{x E ʺMɮ] E E E J P]B *
3. ʺMɮ] E c ]] Ub,EVں x E*

4. n +{ vک{x Ei i Mɽ< E E c x S *

5. +{x {ɺn E hb E n n *

8. BE ɮ +ni Ubx E n <x SV S *
1. BE E x E iɱɤ *

2. ʺMɮ] {x ɱ E l *

3. }i ʨɱ ʺMɮ]/c/iɨJ *

9. vک{x/iɨJ x Ubx E n xɨx i E vx J:
1. +{x Sx {ɮ Eɪɨ *

2. V E vک{x/iɨJ x E ɮ S xɽ*
3 vک{x/iɨJ x x Ex ɱ E Mi *

4. vک{x Ubx ɱ E ɨڽ xɪB *

5. n J E +{E U ɽx iE {ɮxɪ Ei ,V BEOi E,ʺɮnn SbSc{x *

6. ={ɮH {ɮxɪ il +x ixɴ E vک{x/iɨJ x E +iʮH ={ɪ Zx E |ɪɺ E *

10. +Mɮ iɱɤ Mi i SMɨ, ], {{ɮ˨] BE Mɱɺ iɱ { *

+{ +{x x {ɺn Vx +lɴ BE Mɱɺ `xb {x    Ei *

11. +Mɮ +{ iɨJ-x E +ni U]Eɮ {x +ɡ Vi *
  1. iɤ Eʶɶ Ei ... ɮ ɮ ... Miɮ *

  2. Vxx iɨJ x/vک{x Uc n , =xE ɱɽ B nn

E |Eɮ E ɪxE xɦǮi +{E ɺl E ʱB +Su xɽ * +i: iɨJ x E ɮɤ bM x V +ni n *



1. Postpone taking first cigarette by one hour. Keeping a note pad.

2. Can decide to smoke only during even or odd hours of the day.

(Reduce your tobacco consumption by 25% (one-fourth) every week.

3. They should be advised to abandon the bands they prefer and use the ones they do not like.

4. Smoking while watching TV, talking on a phone,also during some particular kind of event,differs individual to individual. This pairing should be broken.

5. Should be directed to buy (less) one cigarette/sachet a time rather than pilling the stock.

6. Identify triggers (urges) for tobacco use and follow the strategy to cope.

7. Set a quit date.

8. Tell your family, friends and co-workers that you are going to quit and want their support.

9. Change your environment.

         i. Get rid of all cigarettes and ashtrays in your home,car and place of work.

         ii. Don’t let people smoke in your home.

10. At times it is difficult to overcome craving. Craving stage does not last for more than 3 minutes. Patients should be told to wait out the craving.

11. Patients should give themselves small rewards for their reduced consumption or resisting urge.

12. Similary, for not achieved the desired results, patients should prepare small punishments for themselves.